About Us

The ‘Tie Me In’ staff is a Vancouver-based Canadian powerhouse in the love and matchmaking industry. Our small team is made up of elite professionals dedicated to doing the right thing at the right time, so you can find the perfect person for you. Our cloud platform makes it easy for singles to connect with seasoned coaches and matchmakers for all their love-related needs. Unsatisfied by anything short of greatness, we have several ambitious expansions planned for the future!

Settling isn’t something we do. Our devoted and passionate professionals strive to help our customers give up the dating apps & graduate to the lives they’ve always wanted (with the relationships they deserve).

‘Tie Me In’ specializes in relationships, not complicationships. Easily surpassing the “matchmakers near me” approach, we provide singles an easy way to connect with the best matchmakers in the industry through a simple & streamlined process.


Our online matchmaking platform serves clients from all different walks of life who are serious about romantic relationships. While we offer a wide variety of services, the majority of our customers approach us for love coaching & professional matchmaking services.

Our state-of-the-art cloud platform allows singles to find relationship-oriented services for fair prices, all while maintaining peace of mind. Their requests are sent to a variety of trusted matchmaker and love coach professionals, who quickly provide quotes for the services requested. When the customer finds a provider they like, funds are held safely in a deposit fund until the services are complete!

Here at ‘Tie Me In’, being “good” isn’t good enough! We currently provide love coaching and matchmaking services, but we are planning some major expansions for the future. These include:

  • Social Integration Services (such as language/accent classes, etiquette lessons, grooming tips, etc.)
  • Emotional Support Services (such as psychological assistance, life coach solutions, counseling, etc. )
  • Well-being & Personal Health Services (such as personal fitness, nutritional education, etc.)

The ‘Tie Me In’ cloud platform currently serves thousands of residents in the United States, but we plan to expand our services to Canada, the United Kingdom, and other developed countries around the world.


Your request is sent to a variety of experienced matchmakers and love coaches.

You receive personalized offers from proven love professionals.

Your privacy is protected when you use ‘TieMeIn’, and your security is ensured, meaning you won’t become a victim of fraud or a disappearing act.

Share your romantic goals.

Receive multiple quotes (free of charge!).

Hire your personal matchmaker!