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Dating in the modern world is much different than it used to be. With all of the ads & apps, it can be hard to figure out what to use. Many people on these services aren’t looking for a serious relationship, and by the time you do finally find someone, it could be years later! Here at ‘Tie Me In’, we skip the complications and get right to the relation(ship)s! We offer a wide variety of professional matchmaking services, including:

  • Love Coaching
  • Matchmaking
  • Breakup Recovery
  • & more!

No-one wants to waste their time or money while online dating. It’s disappointing when you can’t find good matches; it can even affect your overall self-worth & well-being! If you’ve been let down by other matchmaker or life coach services in the past, then you’ll be happy to know that the customer comes first at ‘Tie Me In’. We work hard to ensure you get the results you deserve!

Thanks to the location of our North American headquarters, we are in constant contact with our love coaches and matchmakers. Should issues arise, we are in the prime location for meeting up with our specialists to understand client challenges and assist our customers directly. Don’t settle for the “matchmakers near me” ads. Get the personalized service you deserve from ‘Tie Me In’!

Some services use questionable “experts”. Not us!—our love coaches and matchmakers are all verified for authenticity by the ‘Tie Me In’ staff, so you know you’re getting the years of dedication and experience you want.

No matter if you’re starting over, in a relationship, or about to “pop the question”, you can rest assured that your love life is in good hands. Every relationship has its challenges, and no two relationships are the same, so place your trust in the experts at ‘Tie Me In’!

Trust is one of our core values here at ‘Tie Me In’. To keep things running smoothly with a high success rate for both the client and the specialists, we serve as an intermediary for all transactions. The clients deposit their funds into our holding account, and the specialists get paid after the promised service(s) are delivered. This eliminates any risk of non-payment for both parties!

Romantic endeavors don’t need to be complicated. At ‘Tie Me In’, we’ve set up a simple (but effective!) love-seeking process to provide professional matchmaking services with the most streamlined process possible!

  1. You submit your request through our secure cloud platform
  2. We provide you with free quotes based on your current situation
  3. Your request is simultaneously sent to our pool of love coaches and matchmakers
  4. Our system matches you with up to five romance specialists perfect for your individual needs
  5. We store your funds until the service is rendered, eliminating any risk of being ripped off or deceived

Simply put, ‘Tie Me In’ gives you free quotes for your unique situation and connects you with experienced love specialists on a fast, safe, & effective online matchmaking platform.


Your request is sent to a variety of experienced matchmakers and love coaches.

You receive personalized offers from proven love professionals.

Your privacy is protected when you use ‘TieMeIn’, and your security is ensured, meaning you won’t become a victim of fraud or a disappearing act.

Share your romantic goals.

Receive multiple quotes (free of charge!).

Hire your personal matchmaker!