* Paid annually.
1 Add-ons: $30 /connection with the client (single at the time you request contact) either through in-app messaging or using quotes.
2 This is the fee that keeps our platform running to serve the customers and service providers. The service fee will be the higher of $10 or the percentage specified in the plans.
3 Each service requested by a client will get 1 recommended service provider. Based on your membership, you can be that service provider. First come, first serve basis when there are multiple recommendation requests.
4 If client information is available, based on the membership plan, the service provider will be able to view them. The limited profile includes only the client’s partner preferences. Full profile includes the client’s profile picture, details (physics, relationship status, etc), academic and career, family information, in-depth interests, and goals. None of the plans will include contact information for the client. As a part of the agreement, services are not allowed to contact the clients outside of this platform.
5 This feature enables service providers not to miss any service requests when they are not available for providing quotes for customers. Our platform will automatically generate the quotes based on a pre-populated template for the service provider. The service provider will be able to view or edit the quote before it expires for quotation.