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Love is complicated, so why go it alone? Our matchmaking services connect you with the best love coaches and matchmakers around who’ve already helped thousands of singles find “The One” - you could be next! From simple relationship tips & love advices to full-on relationship advice from a dedicated dating coach (and everything in-between), the team at ‘Tie Me In’ is full of knowledgeable experts dedicated to improving your love life. We’ll help connect you with other members* for once-in-a-lifetime dates, perfect memories, and real connections. Quotes are free, and you’ll have five different experts to choose from, so there’s no reason to settle for being single. Try ‘Tie Me In’ today!


Create A Strategy or Game Plan to Attract Your Desired Romantic Partner

Type: Evaluation

Combine our relationship advice with your goals to develop a game plan for your love life! Topics include “where to meet a match”, defining what you’re looking for in a partner, and more.

Overcome Any Fears About Being Rejected or Getting Hurt Again

Type: Advice

Learn how to overcome the fear of rejection, take control of your love life, and develop a romantic connection complete with healthy boundaries, trust, and open communication

Build a Strong Dating Profile

Type: Evaluation

Work with a dating coach to build a strong online dating profile that helps you stick out from the crowd and attract the perfect partner.

Evaluate Your Requirements and Understand What a Good Partner Wants

Type: Evaluation

Review who you are now, and acknowledge who you once were. With this awareness, we’ll provide you with relationship tips to help you break free from old patterns and find a long-term, successful relationship.

Master Dating Communication Skills

Type: Advice

Turn love advices into real-world romantic success! You’ll learn how to turn a conversation into a first date, and a first date into a relationship.

Guidance to Adapt to Ever-Changing Dating Culture While Still Keeping Your Values

Type: Evaluation

Adapt, but never settle! We help guide you in the creation of your own dating rules to find the balance between the dating culture of your city and your standards, values, & how you want to be treated in a relationship.

Makeover or Styling Guidance

Type: Advice

Look your best (both to yourself and to your potential partner!) with guidance from our makeover & styling specialists

A Very Unique Need (not listed here)

Type: Evaluation

Have a unique need or situation not covered by our other matchmaking services? We’d be happy to help!


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